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Beets Leather Bags

In this collection, you will find our finest collection of high-quality handmade burgundy leather tote bags in Louisville, KY. Each handmade bag we make is made with the highest quality materials we can put our hands on.

Once we have found the perfect leather, we match it with the most robust US-sourced hardware you can find. Whether you are looking for leather tote bags, purses, urban leather bags, or custom bags, our handmade bags and other leather collections are hand-stitched and guaranteed to last a lifetime. All of our bags are proudly made in Louisville, KY. We also offer Leather Travel Bags.


Our handcrafted leather bags and totes are made with world premiere leather sourced from Horween Tannery in Chicago, IL. They have been in business for over 100 years and are the best source of leather for our totes and bags. This leather is full-grain and is first run from the tannery meaning when we craft your leather purse or bag, we are doing so with some of the world's finest leather goods stores in Louisville.

We also offer multiple different colors for our bags. Our Burgundy Tote leather Bag is our best-selling leather tote, even over our dark brown leather bag, because its color is stunning, and there is nothing else like it.


Our hardware is sourced from one of the largest American suppliers of high-quality leather goods. We utilize high-end brass rivets to attach our leather handles because we believe our handmade leather bags should have only the best hardware.

How to take care of your leather tote handbag:

Taking care of a handmade leather purse is equivalent to having to take care of your skin. Remember, this leather is an organic material that, like other organic materials, could shrink, dry, and absorb water.

As a result, regular care is the very first step in maintaining the excellence of your burgundy leather handbag. You can significantly minimize damage by simply following a few easy principles. You may also add a few years to the durability of your leather purse.

Keep your leather handbags from dust particles.

 Leather may be damaged by substances found in the dusty air. They may harm the surface of your burgundy leather bags if they fall on them and remains there for a long time.

A quality dust cloth is a simple and effective way out of this mess. It is a barrier between your favorite handbag and your home's dust particles.

Keep your leather handbags from the sun's rays.

The quality of the leather bag might fade if it is put under too much bright sunlight.

It's also important to note that different external heat sources, such as radiators, can dry and tear leather. As far as appropriate, keep your leather stuff away from such heaters.

How to manufacture leather tote bags?

All of our leather burgundy bags are handmade from start to end, giving each one its own distinct identity. Our leather shopping bags, shoulder bags, and travel/shave bags are outstanding choices because of how much time and effort goes into each one. 

When the leather has been dried, it is handcrafted with a large, weighty roller to make it a stunning flatness while preserving the natural grain that gives it a particular antique.

The leather is then hand-cut with each piece of the bag. The fabric lining is then affixed to the leather to make it straight while cross-stitched properly. It increases the reliability of the burgundy leather tote bag.

Now it's time to double stitching each piece together. 

The band straps are then tightly bonded and double stitched on after the general design of the leather purse, shoulder bag, or shave/travel bag has been adequately made.

These leather bags are now ready to give a proper & detailed final inspection to ensure that it is in perfect condition. After the load is finished, a coating of essential oils is sprayed, nourishing the leather, making it waterproof, and developing the lovely brown color.

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