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Beets Leather Belts

We have the best and most affordable collection of leather belt items in Louisville, KY. Check out traditional brown belts & traditional black belts.

In this collection, you will find beets leather's finest collection of high-quality handmade leather belts. Each handmade belt we make is made with the highest quality materials we can put our hands on.

Once we have found the perfect leather, we match it with the most robust US-sourced hardware you can find. Whether you are looking for leather belts for men, leather belts for women, brown leather belts, or black leather belts, our high-quality custom leather belts are guaranteed to last a lifetime. All of our belts are also proudly made in Louisville, KY.

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Leather: Our handcrafted belts are made with world premiere leather sourced from the united states. This leather is full-grain leather and is first run from the tannery meaning when we craft your full-grain leather belt, we are doing so with some of the world's finest leather. We also offer multiple different colors for our belts.

Hardware: Our hardware is sourced from one of the largest American suppliers of high-quality leather goods hardware. We utilize high-quality brass screws because we believe that our men's leather belts and women's leather belts should have only the best hardware.

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