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Beets Leather Wallets

"Leather Wallets are a classic for a reason, and for good reason—they’re versatile, durable and practical. A brown leather wallet is a must-have accessory for a man who cares about how he looks and stands out in a crowd."

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We have Leather Bi-Fold Wallet, Minimalist Wallet Brown, Minimalist Wallet Burgundy, & Front Pocket, Card Wallet Brown.

In this collection, you will find our finest collection of high-quality handmade leather wallets. Each handmade wallet we make is made with the highest quality materials we can put our hands on. We source all of our leather from Wickett and Craig and Horween Tannery, both highly respected world-class tanneries.

Once we have found the perfect leather, we sew it together with the most robust stitching you can find. Whether you are looking for custom leather wallets, leather wallets for men, leather wallets for women, Leather Bi-Folds, or Leather Tri-Folds, all of our wallets are hand-stitched and guaranteed to last a lifetime. All of our wallets are proudly made in Louisville, KY.

Also, our leather products include:

Leather: Our handcrafted leather bags and totes are made with world premiere full-grain leather sourced from Wickett and Craig Tannery. They have been in business for over 100 years and are the best source of leather for our handmade wallets.

This leather is full-grain leather and is first run from the tannery meaning when we craft your wallet, we are doing so with some of the world's finest leather. We also offer multiple different colors. Our Brown Everyday Minimalist Wallet is our best selling because its color is truly beautiful and there is nothing else like it.

Hardware: Our hardware is sourced from one of the largest American suppliers of high-quality leather goods hardware. We stitch together every wallet with high-quality waxed polyester thread that is designed to last many years.

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How leather wallets are made?

There are many things you need to consider before you start making a wallet. The first thing you need to consider is if you want your wallet to be a money clip or a wallet.

You also have to decide whether you want a smaller wallet or a larger one. Then, you have to choose between a single pocket wallet or multiple.

"The first step to making a brown leather wallet is selecting a brown leather," says Shanna.

"There are different ways to select leather. It could be purchased or taken from a scrap pile. I would suggest having the leather cut into small rectangles or squares. The reason for this is because if the leather isn't cut correctly, it could end up becoming a mess."

The next step is determining where the wallet goes on the body. She suggests placing the wallet on the belt loop on the pants. The wallet can then be folded over the top of the pants.

Finally, he would make sure there are no holes or tears.

How we make leather wallets?

We always utilise the high quality leather available, known as "full grain leather," and that is the best in the industry. This gives your wallets extra durable and weatherproof than any others, enabling it to look brand new for so many years while still maintaining that wonderful genuine leather scent.

We made our wallets with high calibre every time by integrating mechanical and handcrafted additions.

After each product has been completed, it is properly checked to make sure that the corners are accurate and that it has all of necessary segments.

To verify that now the leather purse is able to be constructed, each portion is trimmed and neatly bordered.

Stamping is typically used to produce cuts and borders.

Brown Leather Wallets

Brown Leather Wallets are a timeless classic. I love the contrast between the smooth, supple texture of leather and the rough, textured stitching around the edges.”